Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Beans and NSV

Seems like I spend all my time in the kitchen lately. But some times things work out so well I enjoy sharing them. First, I buy all my beans dry and cook them - cheaper that way. Second, I cook them all at once and freeze what I am not using - time saving that way. Third, when I need beans I don't have the excuse, they are not cooked or ready - saves time and money that way : ) So yesterday was bean cooking day at our house, I had three crock pots going at one time - such a beautiful sight! Then I froze them in 1 1/2 cup servings, the same as a can of cooked beans at the store. Then today I made . . . beannaise! LOL
Last week I made my own blender mayonnaise, and was unimpressed. So I consulted my Uncheese cookbook for another option that had no corn syrup, msg or tofu (a common vegan cheese replacement). Turns out that many vegan dairy free recipes can swap out white beans for the tofu, what a cheap and healthy alternative! My son and I are affected by dairy and DS needs to avoid as much fermented food as possible, so no tofu and that leaves white beans. I am a total bean freak anyway. I have never met a bean I didn't like, ok lima's are pushing my good will, but sill . . . Well let me tell you, making the beannaise was easy - peasy and it tasted wonderful! The consistency was perfect, not thin like the home made blender mayonnaise. I am telling you to check out this book by Jo Stepaniak and see her others as well. She has a wide range of vegan and allergy free cooking ideas, options and info. My link isn't up yet for this book, but will get to it soon. In the mean time mosey over to www.amazon.com and check it out.
NSV stands for a non scale victory in weight watchers world. I didn't make it to my meeting last week due to lack of transportation. DH is on his way as we blog to pick up a scrap car with his cars missing part. Hope that didn't confuse you to much, but the issue here is that I didn't need the meeting to make myself feel better. Here are just some of the NSV's I have noticed over the week: My bathrobe ties tighter around the middle, my underwear of all things is loser, the sleeves of a tight shirt are not tight now, some new shirts I bought were snug - not now and l can tie an apron string around my front again! Ok, the apron thing is like an inch, but I can still do it and I couldn't say 2 months ago! On top of all this, today I jumped into my jeans and ran out to the dentist at the but crack of dawn to get my crown and my DH asked me how much I had lost since I looked so good in my jeans : ) Now I remember why I married him xoxoxo LOL I just wanted to sum this up with something I heard my first week at WW: The leader said he was tired of asking us as we weighed in if we were having a good day and our reply being, "guess we'll find out as soon as I get on the scale". He said our days/lives being good or bad shouldn't depend on a number on the scale. Not being weighed last week but still seeing all these reminders of my good work really emphasized this for me. What wonderful affirmation. I sold another old curriculum today, so I should be able to pay for another 10 weeks of WW! It has worked for me in the past and it's working for me again as I enter a different point of my life path - an allergy/sugar free path - LOL
Blessings, Beth Ann

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de-lurking to say yay on the victory... your peeps on the message board miss you!