Tuesday, May 05, 2009

menus and more

No, we're not eating turkey this week - I wish! LOL But we are making more menu/eating changes here. After reading about a zillion books on CFS and other chronic illnesses, throw in a million on allergies as well, and we have decided on our course of action. In an effort to help my oldest son with chronic pain, that as best we can figure is residual from the Bar Epstein Virus (which compromised his immune system and caused the mono), we are going to try a four day rotation diet. It should be much healthier for all of us. More simple whole food. Check out my Amazon.com link above. Will post a full menu next week although it will be a bit disjointed as we are camping over the week-end, which entails our designated "camping" food.
Speaking of healthy . . . I forgot to mention that at my W.W. last week I was down another pound, a grand total of 11 in five weeks. Was hoping for bigger numbers but will be content with the down word trend. Remember, that is almost 3 bags of sugar and 11 boxes of butter sticks! LOL That coupled with my potassium supplements and I am feeling like my old self again, if not more energetic!
Burppee delivered my starter plants yesterday, so if it ever dries out down here I can transplant my tomato's and peppers. The pumpkins and gourds we started here at home are starting to sprout and should be ready for the garden soon. Now that the rain has dissipated a bit I will have to discern what is a bean or cucumber plant vs. a week! :) Guess that is it for garden news for now.
Not much else here except I am also putting in many eyeball hours researching a new curriculum for the kids come fall. I fell in love with "My Fathers World" for the twins and kindergarten. Am now seeing if it might be a good match for the older two as well. I showed it to middle DD, and she seemed enthusiastic over their many hands on activities. Will have to go over DS high school credits and see what he still needs. I know Spanish for sure as that got put on the back burner when he fell ill. You can check out the new curriculum at www.mfw.com and our old curriculum at www.sonlight.com
Blessings, Beth Ann

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