Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday findings

Another wet day here in middle TN. Not to mention that the humidity is up as well. Today is a pay day, and DH said he is going to get pool chemicals this week-end and open the pool - yeah! Twin daughter has been talking about the pool non-stop. She has recently learned how to put her head under water and wants to try it out. She also said she would help her twin brother by holding his head under for him. Note, she made no mention as to letting him back up. . .
Our air conditioner for the downstairs gave out last fall (a huge ancient behemoth). My loving DH said we can't afford a new one if we run the pool this year. So I am going to stand in the middle of our pool all summer, up to my eyeballs, like the hippos on the Nile do. Will let you know if this helps.

Yesterday was my week 7 weigh in at WW, and I was down .6. I feel that is a miracle after all the goodies I ate over Mothers day week-end. That brings my total loss to 13.2 pounds (have no idea why they do the digi thing). For those of you keeping track (and you know who you are) that is 13 boxes of butter quarters. Not bad I guess.

Well this is day four of our first week eating allergy free, and I feel it went real well. I even baked blackberry muffins for breakfast today, using brown rice flour. We are not feeling deprived. We are eating 3 square meals a day, together as a family (blessing that DH comes home on lunch). The kids are eating all kinds of new veggies and grains. Cool. Went and did my Krogering today, twin DD loves that store, they have little shopping carts just her size (to cute). Got a screaming deal on Rice Dreams Milk, 2/$5 (reg. $3.59@) They also had a $1 off coupon if you bought 3. I bought four and the cashier mad a mistake and gave me $1 off each box. Guess that is my big news for the day.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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