Monday, July 27, 2009

Another sunny summer day

Today was a pretty good day, considering I spent yesterday in bed with the 24 hour (give and take) flu. Unfortunately though the day started with yet another trip to the vet's, for yet another animal. I had noticed Saturday evening that bubbles wasn't herself. By this morning I was really worried, she wasn't eating or drinking. They still aren't sure what's wrong with her, high fever and an infection. They sent her home after a shot with some antibiotics and a thermometer. The thermometer is for older son! LOL He is the one who gets to monitor that situation. If her fever doesn't break by morning, son is to bring cat into work with him tomorrow. Cross your fingers while your praying.

Bubbles is our cat with the broken back, she has totally taken over Howard's play pen; he is our mini dachshund that blew three disks in his back. Yea, we're a pet rehab center.

Even when she is sleeping, you can see how her back legs just hang there useless.

These are sponge balls the kids made today. They were all hanging around complaining of being board Luckily I had all the stuff to make this craft. The picture doesn't do them justice on how cute they turned out.

Here the younger three, plus a friend, are running around with a garden hose and a bucket to wet their sponge balls and throw them at each other. Oh, the summer memories . . .

Here twin son shows off his fun new craft!
Those were the highlights of my Monday. How was yours?
Blessings, Beth Ann

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