Friday, July 31, 2009


There is still nothing really exciting going here - Praise the Lord! The rest of our school curriculum arrived yesterday, for the older two kids. That's always a little like Christmas, opening all those boxes. Since they are only full of books, well I guess it depends on your view of books and excitement. Except for a few standard school supplies, we are all set to start what is promising to be a very full, busy and fun year! Although our twin daughter is vexed that the ant farm did not come with the ants! LOL

My middle dd has determined that I don't blog enough about her cat, Tina - the narcoleptic (someone who falls asleep suddenly and spontaneously). So here is a small look into her evening yesterday and how quick she tires out.

Here is Tina chasing a bug around our lamp.

The twins have a toy barn next to that same lamp and dd thought it would be fun if Tina played in it.

Tina is starting to look a little bothered here.

Right in the middle of playing she just passed out in the barn (like that hasn't happened to all of us) - like she always does.

I really should do a whole blog of how she just falls a sleep everywhere, walking, eating, stretching, ect. She truly is a narcoleptic, I didn't know that could affect cats?

Blessings, Beth Ann

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