Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More pictures

I found a few more pictures of my oldest daughter and grandson to share with y'all. You know me, I will keep posting them as the dribble in : )

Here is K with our cat Bubbles, she has a broken back. They really bonded and were inseparable while K was here.

Here is my grand son relaxing, chilling and maxxing out on our couch.

Another shot of K at the Discovery center.

Here is grandson J with my son E (his uncle - LOL)
Not much else to report on. VBS has taken up almost all our time, as myself and the older kids are teaching classes. So lots of prep and stuff. Still down to one vehicle so lots of carpooling as well. DH has been working his job full time, church part-time and still trying to squeeze in 2-3 car jobs a week. Whew! Oh, and he is trying to find time to fix his own ride. Sigh, we are like the plumber who has leaky pipes at his own house. smile.
Blessings, Beth Ann

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