Monday, July 06, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I haven't posted any menu's recently. Does this mean I haven't had to cook? LOL !!!!! I wish : ) Just been busy I guess. I am trying to renew my quest for obedience, financially as well as spiritually. I feel that we haven't been good stewards of our money when it comes to grocery shopping. So we are back to the $75 a week budget (got lost when oldest son was sick) and trying to cook more and add some more budget friendly items back into our menu. We have had great success with food rotation and elimination, so I am feeling more confident as to what son can and can't eat. He still makes some poor choices when with others and that serves as affirmation to both of us. With that said, here is a look at our menu this week:
Monday: B~ Pineapple corn muffins
L~ Mac & cheese w/watermelon
D~ Beef chop suey w/rice and corn
Tuesday: B~ Oatmeal
L~ Have no idea, don't know when we will get home from orthodontist, middle dd is getting her braces off!
D~ Crock pot chicken soft taco's on homemade rice tortilla's and spinach salad
Wednesday: B~ Sweet potato muffins
L~ Turkey meatball sandwich w/veggie sticks
D~ church bible study/lasagna at church
Thursday: B~ Zucchini bread
L~ skillet tuna potato casserole
D~ Crock pot camping chili made with ground chicken and baked potato wedges
Friday: B~ Quick drop biscuits and country gravy
L~ Hamburgers and chips
D~ Pizza and rice casserole w/Brussels sprouts
Saturday: B~ Pumpkin bars
L~ noodles and veggie sticks
D~ Crock pot beef fajitas on home make rice tortillas with garden greens
Sunday: B~ Buckwheat pancakes
L~ Turkey dogs and sweet potato fries
D~ Crock pot lasagna w/garden green beans
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What's for dinner at your house this week?
Blessings, Beth Ann

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