Wednesday, July 01, 2009

HO - HUM Hump day

Here it is, the middle of another week and a brand new month. Not much going on here, thank goodness! I really am the type of person who wants to sit home, do nothing and see no one. Yes, I am a curmudgeon : ) But it seems like there is ALWAYS something! Sigh. Life just keeps forcing me to participate, or is it God? Don't you ever just want to stop the world and get off? Even for a day? Maybe just long enough to let out a good scream?
Here are some more pictures of the kids to share.

My oldest daughter and her son on a airplane at the Discovery Center last week.
Twin daughter playing in the grocery store display area at the Discovery Center.

Oldest son on his new set of wheels (broke his go-kart) at the Discovery Center.

Last but not least, it wouldn't be a grandma brag blog with out a cute picture of my grandson J : )

Blessings, Beth Ann (Granny B to some)

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