Saturday, July 25, 2009

Week-end wrap up

Well here it is, the end of another week. Man! They just seem to fly by and are just crazy insane. Did my weekly Krogering yesterday and besides the mark down meat, the only screaming deals were the school supplies. I watched in awe as my total rang up to $87 and then she swiped my card and watched it drop down, down, down to $57! Yea! Even the cashier was impressed (hard to do since they have seen it all). Kroger's school supplies were cheaper than our local Wal-marts. The portfolio folders went for 11 cents each and the 1 subject notebooks 3/$1. Not a whole lot more than that we need for home school. Today I am working on filling out the new student enrollment forms for the twins and ordering their curriculum. I keep putting it off, but it needs to be done by Aug.1 to qualify for a multiple student discount. I can only guess I just don't want to think of my babies being school age, sigh.

Last night also saw me and hubby home alone. Well alone with only the twins, closest we'll ever get in this century! LOL So after putting them down for the night we decided to do a date night. Hubby went for take out Mexican and our very first ever Red Box rental. How out dated are we? It was nice and fun. The movie was, "He's just not that into you". And speaking of being out dated, after that movie we felt ancient. I am not going to rehash the movie, but it was about dating and all the games that go with. When it ended hubby turned to me and said, "I am sooo glad we don't have to go through that any more". I know it was supposed to be a comedy but it scared the crap out of me and made me feel more sorry for the characters than anything else. I knew I was a fuddy duddy when I said, "Well if they were Christians those things wouldn't happen". I expected to dry up and blow away any second, zoinks! Wasn't I just in high school yesterday?

Well here are some new pet pic's to share with y'all.

Here is hubby's cat, Joe, on our front bench with some of this years garden over flow gourds.

Here is Bubbles, are diva (with the broken back). Twin dd adores her and here has used her own quilt to tuck her in for a nap.

I don't think Miz Thing minds one bit, do you?

Have a blessed week-end, Beth Ann

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