Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Still here

We are still here and kicking, other than that not much new. VBS is over and the twins are still singing the songs, that's a good thing right?
Mostly been working in the garden and trying to process what is harvested. I have been freezing, blanching and pickling many things. I feel so blessed to still have enough to share with many friends and even some who probably didn't even want any! LOL Our tomato plants are just insane this year! They are so huge and full of fruit that we are tying them to the front pillars of our porch!
DH has been putting in many hours at his job and at our church to try and raise enough money for the kids school books and tuition. Every little bit helps since it has been four months since we received child support on these same children. He is also doing many odd car jobs around the county. God is truly good to be blessing us like this. The medical bills for our oldest son is another problem, where will that money come from? Everyone keep praying for us, please.
In about two weeks I will be taking off on a ladies church trip, camping. I am so excited. I missed the last trip because of lack of funds. There is just something so reaffirming about being with women who share the same faith and values, as well as the daily struggles of being a wife,mother and just a women. I know I will come back totally refreshed and ready for another year of home school. Also starting to get itchy for our annual trip to the low country, South Carolina. In 11 short weeks I will be sitting on an island in the Atlantic Ocean, crabbing, shell hunting and camping for 10 wonderful days. Can you tell I'm excited? This year how ever I believe we will have our British friend D house sit for us. It is unlikely we will have a repeat of last years events, seeing as how the perp is under surveillance for auto theft currently, but better safe than sorry. Enough of my summer mussing.
Blessings, Beth Ann

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