Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another SAturday

I have been trying to download or is it upload? Anyway, pictures of last week-ends rafting trip. No dice. More than likely it is my piece of junk computer. So, sorry. I will keep trying, maybe the library? Hmmmmmm. Anyway, it was a huge success! Everyone involved had fun. Hubby went as a chaperon and a driver, since we have a ginormous gas guzzling SUV and that is exactly what the church needed - LOL He waited until he was home to tell me he almost drowned. I heard many kids fell out of the raft and even one of the guides, but only my hubby got stuck under the raft! I could tell he was a little shaken up, but it wasn't until church the next day that one of the ladies who went, told me all the dramatic details. Made my stomach hurt. I guess the kids were freaked out a bit, remember only the older two went as this was a youth group activity. I was home comely watching Cinderella 52 times after wrenching the Backyardagains away from twin son (can only take so much of those backyardholagins). Anyway, I guess that is what makes life exciting, those little adventures. Hubby had been white water rafting before up in Michigan, but said the Ocoee in East Tennessee was much rougher. Next year the church youth group is going to do something a little safer, skydiving! : )

Not much else new and exciting. Only 21 more days until we head to South Carolina. Our British church friend with the yurt will be coming down off his mountain to house sit (not sure why since all the good stuff got stolen last year) in exchange for electricity and water, two commodities he does not posses up in his yurt. Sounds like a fair exchange right? To hear more up to date boring things about us, visit us at face book.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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