Thursday, September 03, 2009


Well we are back! I do have to say it was the best trip ever! I just love that campground and the kids were thrilled as well. We went with another family from church, so they had other kids to play with and we camped right across from the ginormous playground. The swimming hole was about 50 yards from us and it was still warm enough to swim. Only downer was that oldest son got bit up by chiggers when he went down the road and into an old graveyard looking for firewood. Boys, what are ya gonna do? Good thing we travel with cortisone cream. : )

Well spent the morning revamping our monthly budget to try and make a dent in the medical bills from oldest son. Good news, if I lower my grocery money even more, we can most likely have them paid off in three years! LOL Then I spent the afternoon trying to work up a menu and shopping list for this coming week on said lower money allotment. Now my head hurts. Sigh.

Fall is truly in the air. We have a Labor day party to attend tomorrow and then it seems like every week-end after that through the new year is booked. How can this be? When did we get so busy? Or that popular for that matter! But I love fall, it's my most favorite time of the year. Only 4 weeks until middle dd 13Th b-day and our annual trip to the Ceaderwood Farms Pumpkin Patch. Then a week after that we leave for our two week vacation to South Carolina. We do the pumpkin thing first so that we can take the pumpkins and my mums with us. The kids love to carve their Jack O'lantrens while we're camping and I enjoy decorating our site. One year we even brought our scarecrow with us! When we get back we have like 2 days until our church harvest party and since Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, a friend has invited us to her Halloween block party. Wow, that is just the month of October and leaving out about six more birthdays. We are thinking of going to Alabama for Thanksgiving, some friends invited us. It will be our first year without Grandma S and Grandpa D, dear husband is still undecided. He does a few vacation days to us up yet before the new year, but he is about convinced we will be heading out to Vegas this spring - heads up D & S LOL But that is another story.

Not much else happening here. Oh, my friend from church brought her adoptive son from Haiti home last week! Let's all give praise to the LORD! Amen.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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