Saturday, September 12, 2009

Catching up

I know I have been pretty hit and miss about blogging recently. Teaching high school in the morning and Kindergarten in the afternoon, is a bit time consuming : )
Just wanted to give an update on my miniature daschund, Howard. Last Sunday after church, we returned to find him dragging his legs - again. Three years ago he ruptured 3 of his disks in his back, leaving him semi-paralyzed and with no deep pain feeling in his hind section. Since then he has managed to over come this by figuring out a way to prop himself up on his legs, and do s funny hop-run around the house and yard (sometimes). He still needs to be crated sometimes (bed rest) to allow the swelling to go down. Occasionally he puts his back out (still can't feel anything) and this was the case Sunday. Nothing to do for it except get him some good drugs (anti-inflammatory) and bed rest. As of yesterday he was trying to stand again and the swelling seems to be going down as his hind legs were spasming most the afternoon. All I can say is good thing he can't feel that, I have been there, done that - ouch! Also when this happens we have to go back to expressing his bladder for him, as he can't empty it all on his own. Which leads me to the next issue. We also now have a cat with a broken back and she too needs to be expressed. The vet asked us to take her since no one wanted her or had experience expressing (lucky us, lucky Bubbles). Well, when I took Howard in for drugs, Doc mentioned that they now have a puppy in the same condition -hint, hint. Do I have sucker printed on my forehead? He is a five week old American bull dog puppy that was accidentally thrown down a flight of stairs. The owners brought him in to be put down, but apparently Doc is a bigger sucker than I am! His assistant told me that we were the first people they thought of for the little guy since he will hard to find a home for. Ok, my house is already full of a ton of kids (mostly mine) and a bunch of animals (unfortunately all mine) and now two pack and plays with semi and fully paralyzed animals in them. What am I to do about this news? Help! Well I have time to think about it anyway, they aren't ready to release him yet.
On more adventurous news, hubby took the kids over to East Tennessee bright and early this morning for a white water rafting trip with our church youth group. So just the twins and I knocking around here today. Hubby is worried he isn't as young as he used to be, and will be feeling "it" tomorrow at work - LOL Pastor already said no one is allowed to miss church due to much "week-end". Funny thing though, pastor didn't go! LOL Guess I will make some soup and get the heating pads ready for their return tonight.
Blessings, Beth Ann

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