Monday, January 18, 2010

Cats & Kids

Not much going on today, warm and sunny here in middle TN. I always feel blessed to live here : ) So the girls have been having a good time using my new camera to take pic's around the house and their favorite subject always seems to be the cats. So here are their pic's and my way of clearing off my camera : )

I have titled all these cat pic's: The evil ones (note that the girls seem overly fond of the flash button - LOL)

Here is Tina, the evil white narcoleptic cat

Here is Joe, on the cupboard again

Tina and Pumpkin, the young and the old : )

Bubbles, the paraplegic cat

Bubbles and Howard (how did that doxin get in there?), the handicapped and the lame ; )

Bubbles out of her pac n' play and sunning her buns!

The twins. I threw this one in just because their so stinkin' cute! LOL
OK, are you tired of cats with glowing eyes yet? Me either! LOL And I'm always happy to have my daughters help with the photography.
Blessings, Beth Ann

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