Saturday, January 02, 2010

Pet Parade

Chilly greetings y'all from middle TN!
Well I have been home all day with a sick kid, so no trip to the store to share today. I did scoot out when older kids came home for a juice and cracker run for sick boy. Otherwise, I spent my day following the animals around (like usual).

Here is our new - rebound - dog, Izzy she is a deagle (doxin/beagle mix) that just can't stay home. I guess her cute spotted feet have wanderlust. No wonder she always seems to be homeless!

Here is Izzy and our handicapped pup jockeying for a sun spot

Here is the pup, Levi. It takes a lot out of him to try and walk/scoot around, so he sleeps alot.

Here is one of those rare, middle TN black cats - LOL Sorry, private joke between hubby and me. This is Joe.

This is where Joe spends most of his indoor time, far, far, away from the dogs, on top of the kitchen cabinets.

This is our narcoleptic cat, Tina. This is pretty much all she does.

Tina trying to get someone to let her out

And this is our oldest and crabbiest cat. I am posting this pic especially for Grandma S, yes, this cat is still alive! : ) And she misses you!
The sad thing here is that this isn't even all our pets! Hazard of a soft heart and a kid who works for the vet.
Blessings, Beth Ann

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