Saturday, January 23, 2010

Menu time

Menu time, menu time, open it up and see whats inside! LOL OK, I confess I got that from a kids TV show and it should read present time : ) Here is a look at this weeks leptin/lo-carb dinner menu for my family:
Saturday: Taco salad (didn't make yesterday)
Sunday: Ham & Swiss chicken breast with broccoli
Monday: Stuffed cabbage rolls w/brown rice
Tuesday: Grilled chicken breast w/green beans
Wednesday: Church potluck (I'm bringing a huge salad)
Thursday: Meat loaf w/mixed green & yellow beans
Friday: Shrimp and broccoli casserole
Yesterday we went into the 'city' for our shopping since it was a bi-weekly payday and I did find many deals on meat. I feel I was able to pick up just about all our needs for the next two weeks except for paper products and a few lunch items. I also got so good reduced deals here in town on some chicken breast and fruit :) Remember, fruit is a carb! I don't buy much and when I do, the kids help make sure it doesn't stick around very long. I found four marked down navel oranges yesterday for 79 cents! Just perfect for the kids lunch that day! However I was gifted with about 10lbs. of very ripe banana's yesterday as well : 0 We got them peeled and into one of the chest freezers, but still . . . guess we won't have to worry about banana bread or smoothies for a very long time!
Blessings, Beth Ann

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