Saturday, January 16, 2010

Menu time

Didn't get this posted yesterday, crazy day, but did get up early and did my shopping. Had just enough gas to drive into the 'city' to shop at Kroger, only because we had a gift card. No screaming deals there, but some of their American Value (store) brand items are good deals. We are thinking that with some of our tax return money we will stock up on these items. We have a chest freezer in the basement and in our garage, so we can fill these for nights that are just to busy to cook something or plan ahead.

A quick update with our living the Leptin way diet: first I hate to call it that since we plan to make this a permanent lifestyle change. Second, no this is not just lo-card and yes if it was I do understand that we would gain our weight back as soon as we stopped and went back to eating the 'normal' way. We're not going back! To date (8 weeks) both hubby and I have lost 26 pounds. We have more energy, his snoring has improved and my chronic headaches have all but disappeared! This diet seems to really help diabetics. I had mentioned before my friend who lost 70lbs., cut her insulin in half and had her vision clear up all in the first 5 months. I have another friend who started this a little over a week ago and has already lost 4lbs. and her sugar is half what it has ever been! I encourage all to check out 'The Mastering Leptin' book, for better health!

That said, here is a look at our high protein leptin menu:

Saturday: Shrimp Alfredo with stir-fry vegetables and brown rice

Sunday: DH b-day : ) Pot roast with root vegetables, cake and ice cream (teeny-tiny amount for us)

Monday: Slow cooker Italian chicken and vegetables (payed forward from last week)

Tuesday: Mexican beef and bean soup

Wednesday: Church dinner and bible study (if nothing we can eat, leftovers at home)

Thursday: Beef and broccoli stir-fry with brown rice

Friday: Taco salad

There you have it, oh and the horseradish chicken last week was alright. I would have liked it hotter, but the kids . . . We had chicken a lot last week, was on special : ) When ever there are leftovers I find it is good to take the meat off the bone when it is cooled. Then you can use it up during the week in a variety of ways, such as on top of salads or even rice with some salsa and sour cream!

Blessings, Beth Ann

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