Friday, January 22, 2010

Knit fit

Here it is, a Friday again : ) I am blessed to say it has been a remarkably boring week ~ yeah! LOL The only excitement has been the weather around here. Pretty warm for this time of year, which has brought some torrential rain and caused flash flooding and even a tornado about 60 miles from us. Crazy since like a week or so a go we were in the single digits!
So . . . . took a break from building our ark (ran out of gopher wood anyway) and went into the 'city' this morning and picked up some of that fancy yarn I'm so in love with. I have been knitting bags and purses since I ran out of the fancy stuff last time. One of the ladies at church owns an antique mall and likes to feature local 'artist' at her store. She has asked me a couple of times now if I would bring some of my fancy scarves in to sell. I never seem to get a stockpile, and the price is a bit prohibitive but I am considering it. I have found a good whole sale site on-line to try, for getting the yarn cheaper. I am actually praying on this as I don't want to go into a home business type thing that does not glorify God and is not His will. I do many crafts, cross stitch, plastic canvas, knit, crochet, etc., but this is the one (knitting) that I am feeling led to at this time as a full time thing. Anyway, you should see some of the yarn I picked up today! The kids are all begging me to make them something from it. I only bought enough for one fancy scarf (have you seen the price of fancy yarn?!) but may have to go back soon and see if there is any left : ) I will keep you posted and I do take yarn donations! LOL
Blessings, Beth Ann

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