Friday, March 12, 2010

What a difference a day makes ~

In more ways than one . . . Our weather has changed from sunny and 60's to rainy and 50's. Kids have changed from being mostly OK to being mostly sick : ( Last week twin dd had 'slippery poo's' (her words), but was for the most part well. This week one dd has PMS, twin son is vomiting and has stomach flu, and oldest dd has killer flu and missed some work. Took big son to doc yesterday and got a referral for a neurologist for his killer headaches, that he has had for the past year. He also saw the eye doc yesterday, no glasses needed. So with the 3 MRI's and the perfect eyesight, we are all perplexed and next step is the expensive big guns testing. There is a waiting list for this guy, who is perpetuated as being the best in the area, who knew? So we have a 3 month wait ahead of us for any more test and answers, sigh . . .

So, why the weather was still fine, back on Wed. - LOL - DH took twins to the park and snapped these cute pic's of them :

Here is E being 'swallowed' in the middle of the tri-slide : )

Here is Foo on top of the 'monkey' bars

E riding on the tire bouncy thing : )

Foo riding on a horse bouncy thing : P

And E just hanging out on the jungle gym! What a happy guy!
That's about it for me today, going back to my knitting .
Blessings, Beth Ann

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