Monday, March 22, 2010

Checking in . . .

Sorry it has been so long and that there are no cute pic's to accompany this post. Been a couple of long busy weeks, mostly health wise. First, the stomach flu went through our house and hit everyone eventually in a two week span ~ yuck.

Then big son Z has been battling his chronic pain and made a couple trips to the ER and doc office. This time last year he almost died and when it was all over, the doc's said his chronic pain was probably CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). In the past 14 months it has gotten steadily worse and now they are looking at FBS, or Fibromyalgia. Tonight he has an appointment with a neurologist, to see about his head pain. Z says it feels like millions of knives are being stuck in his brain, constantly :( We are again juggling his diet and all our energy seems to be focused on him. So exhausting. I hope we find some answers soon.

On a brighter note: We bought a new desk top and I am blogging from it right now! I am loving the 18" LCD screen, very easy on my bad eyes (swear the eye doc is going to give quad focals next). It is also refreshing to not have it shutting down on me every 7-8 minutes or so, makes checking email a tad faster when not constantly rebooting : ) Now I just have to move some files, pic's and ect. from one machine to the other.

Other news: hubby found a great deal on a rotary mower for our yard. Will be nice not to have to scramble around for gas money all summer for our lawnmower, not to mention safer for the kids to use!

Blessings, Beth Ann

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