Thursday, March 04, 2010

Yarn it all!

So OK, I have been practicing with my camera. Not much improvement, but did notice that I don't need flash during the day : ) So, I have been knitting my fingers to the bone. I have a couple of venue's to consider: antique mall, craft shows and festivals, and flea market booth. Maybe all three? Hoping this will be a positive way to bring little extra income into our home. I an in desperate need to show off the fancy yarn I have invested in and am addicted to, but my photography skills won't co-operate - LOL Here is the best I could do on my latest projects:

This is a evening bag or little girl dress up purse

I used standard black yarn that has color flowered sequins interspersed

One more time, the cream mohair bag with dark red sequins

Again, great evening bag

My first practice baby bib

Reg, yarn with a button closure. Way easier to knit a button hole than I assumed : )

My current project, a snow white feather scarf. I feel like I am knitting Santa's beard! I am contemplating making a matching hat if I have enough yarn, but I have never knitted in the round before. A bit scary, but there is a first time for everything I guess : )

Last week-end my daughter had two friends over (like about every week-end). I taught them to crochet. L to R : Bre, Mika and Halie

Sorry this is so dark. I swear I used the flash! This camera just doesn't like the flash! Very proud of these girls.
So much yarn and so little time! For mothers day I really want these knitting needles that light up from the inside, that I saw at Michael's! How cool is that? Then I can knit in the car at night (when I'm not driving) and around the campfire at night when we are camping! No, I am not addicted! Am I ?
Blessings, Beth Ann

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Queen-Size funny bone said...

nice job, i think its good for kids to learn how to knit or crochet