Thursday, October 14, 2010

Busy day

Busy day today, and another cooler (in the 80's), sunny fall day.  Rain, where are you?

Started the day by making my amazing banana blueberry muffins for breakfast : )

A morning full of chores was followed by my home made Italian chicken cheese pizza for lunch, at which time company dropped by (good timing or what).

Spent time looking for 101 recipes for green tomatoes.  Then made out a shopping list and headed to wally world for our quarterly visit, at which time the power went out while I was in the baking isle.  Geesh, you would think THEY could pay their bill.  LOL

Then I took time out to show my twins "How to train a dragon".

We were all famished after that.  So headed home where hubby surprised me by taking me out to dinner.  We went to the local Mexican join, which makes the best bean dip in the world!  Then everyone sang happy birthday to me and the waiter smeared ice cream (from my deep fried ice cream they brought over) on my face.  Grrrr.  Can't believe I fell for that!  I had done the same thing to hubby last year and I guess this was pay back.  I didn't think about that since this was a day early and I get worn down and bleary eyed after a trip to the 'boro.  Sorry, no pic's were allowed of this event!  : )

Here is the new kitten sunning her buns once again, lucky cat!

Well tomorrow looks like another busy day: pumpkin patch with 6 kids.  Enough said!
Blessings, Beth Ann

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