Sunday, October 31, 2010

Faces of Halloween

I know today is Halloween, but here in the bible belt, we don't do that on a Sunday!  So last night was our big hu-rah!  It was another sunny, warm day in middle TN. and we were blessed to spend it with many family and friends.  I cooked all day and around 4p.m. headed over to my friends home,  right in the center of town.  They close the street down and have a huge block party, food, games, candy, you name it.  The library is 5 houses down and they counted 1156 trick or treaters last night.  It really is something to see.  Kids were literly waiting in line for us to hand out the 'goods' : )  Here is a brief glimpse of the fun.

My friend L A, and our humble host, welcoming us to her front porch; with warm southern hospitality.

Here is twin son, getting something to eat before heading out for the big adventure. 

Twin daughter and see the 'window' from her missing teeth?  LOL

This is L A's dd, S.    What a pretty little thing : )

Here is my middle dd, doesn't she looked thrilled? 

Here is C and S, two more friends from church.  They came to help pass the brain around.  You had to be there : )

I made buffalo bat bones . . .

I cooked up some goblin eggs,

then cracked them open and stuffed them!

I also managed to find some monster eyeballs for a special treat!

Hope your special days are filled with food, friends and fellowship like mine was.
  Blessings, Beth Ann

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