Saturday, October 23, 2010

Menu week of 10/23/10

Another warm and sunny day here in middle TN.  I am so blessed that God led us here!  Got up early to do the weekly shopping and on my way in a few to a b-day party at the park for a good friend and neighbor.  If I play my cards right I can count the food there as both lunch and dinner!  Am I sad or what?

well this week I had $60 to spend and a list that totaled $110.  Well I worked real hard on it and got it down to $70.   So off I went, first to the Bi-Rite.  I only spent $9 there and it was all reduced items.  They had a ton of marked down items and it was hard to not just grab them up and stick to my list, and my budget.  Next I headed over to the Dollar General Market.  This is great!  For those who don't have one, it's like a reg. $GM but with a grocery store attached.  Real good prices as well, and they have been in the habit of printing out $5 off coupons on your receipt, on a sale of $25 or more.  That is not a problem here - LOL  It is like getting the food tax free!  So I actually had $50 to spend there, not $45, cool.  Well I did it and still had $5 left over for hubbys gas tank : )  I even splurged on about $5 of seasonal items.  I got a cute gingerbread man spoon rest for $1 (I am big into those, gingerbread men, for my holiday decorating) and a Snowflake/snowman shower curtain w/matching hooks for $4.  Guess I am going to dress up my powder room for the holidays this year : )  On my way out I noticed they had their traditional cinnamon brooms out.  I have been buying those for years, when they were $3, I stopped the last two years when they went up to $5.  Although on of those years I received one as a b-day gift.  Today they were marked $4.  I will have to think on this and see if I have enough next week.  I love to hang these on my pantry door and make my whole dinning room and living room smell good.

Here is a look at our menu this week:

Sat. ~ Birthday party

Sun. ~ Green beans and ham casserole w/ mashed yams.

Mon. ~  Beef and broccoli (crock pot) over rice

Tue. ~  Corn and shrimp chowder w/ home made soft garlic bread sticks

Wed. ~  Church pot luck/ glass bowl salad

Thur. ~  Spaghetti w/green beans and home made rolls

Fri. ~  Meatloaf w/Brussels sprouts and Au gratin turnips

So what is for dinner at your house this week?

Blessings, Beth Ann

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Bobbie said...

Sounds like you are doing well. I made a big (cheap) pot of Taco soup to last for a few days!