Saturday, October 09, 2010

Last trip memories

Here is the best of the pic's from our last trip of the year to Defeated Creek.  There were some other interesting photo's, but I was told it's a federal offense to destroy certain items.  One night around the fire we wondered what certain items would look like after being in the camp fire.  Enough said.
Here are the twins and their friend S, who camped with us. 

We scavenged about 98% of all our camp fire wood, we were blessed.  Most of it came from the lake area, so had to be busted up.  here are K and B working on a large odd shaped piece, that the twins initially thought was a moose skeleton!  Who knows?  Crazy.

B taking a turn wearing the princess crown, on her b-day, with her little bro E : )

In the lower right hand corner you can just make out a crane under the tree.  We saw him almost every day and sometimes twice a day, looking for fish in the lake.  We named him Bob, for obvious reasons.  This pic was taken from our picnic table.  Nice view huh?

B's b-day cake, yellow with choc. frosting.  B shaved a Hershey bar on top for extra chocolaty goodness : )  Love that we can bake a 9X13 cake while we are camping!

The twins picked me some 'flowers' and hubby put them in a vase.  Good thing we had an empty one : )

Here is the necklace that S and her family gave B for her b-day, along with the crown. 

Well it is bitter sweet thinking about our last trip, but it was wonderful and as I type this the kids are digging through the fall/Halloween decorations and putting them out.  It reminds me that the next weeks/months will be full with many holiday outings and good friends.  Besides, only 165 days to our next camping trip and that will be our annual trip to South Carolina!

Blessings, Beth Ann

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