Thursday, October 21, 2010

Figuring . . .

Been a busy past couple days, what with chasing mice and finishing up a couple of the kids curriculum's.  B officially starts 9th grade on Monday and Z has about 1 semester of 12th grade left.  Does time ever slow down or does it just keep getting faster the older we get?  Is there a correlation?

Hubby had two days off during the early part of the week, giving me a chance to catch up on some paper work and to do some figuring.  First, we only have 5 pay checks before Christmas = yikes!    Second, we have cut everything we can and still can't make ends meet.  There is always two choices, spend less or bring in more cash.  Since we can't do the first . . .    The second will we hard in this town and this economy.  We are still down to one car since we don't happen to have the 'extra' money to fix mine.  Z can't even get his driver's license until we fix hubby's car, speedometer is broken. 

I spent all of Tuesday re figuring our grocery budget, again.  Here are some interesting numbers: I figured that on a 'thrift' plan, based on current (2009) USDA food plans, that $3 per a person per a meal is not out of line.  That equals $18 a day for our family of six.  I am currently spending between $12 - $14 a day.  Interesting, and that is the 'thrift' plan.  So, once again, can't cut more here and it's nice to know it ain't me : )  Just so you don't think I am feeling sorry for myself, I'm not!  This information just reinforces my faith, belief and amazement with God!  I am blessed that God has given me the knowledge and resources to know how to budget, plan, and cook from scratch.  I am blessed that God has brought us here to this area, which is rich in faith and love.  He has provided us with an amazing support system and people who love us and bless us.  Every time I look at these numbers or get our yearly taxes done, we are tempted to ask "how do we make it?".  Obviously the answer is GOD.  Not only does he provide for us, but because of Him I am able to stay home and teach my children as we are called to do in the bible.  We don't suffer and we have learned how to appreciate little things and each other, not stuff.  He also seems to bless any outing that promotes, friends, family and glorifies Him.  We still camp, visit pumpkin patches, eat out on special occasions and do church outings.  I love my life and have no regrets.

Blessings, Beth Ann   Matthew 6: 19-34

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