Thursday, October 07, 2010


We are back from our last camping trip of the year : (  We did absolutely nothing, and it was wonderful!  My middle dd had a birthday while we were camping, but chose to open her gifts at home before we left.  That way her brother, who stayed home to work, could share it with us.

What do you think B got in her bag?

A birthstone necklace!  B loves jewelry : )  Good girl!

This one is hard to see and I wish I had gotten a better pic.  It's a new purse, it has a mustang seat belt for the clasp.  So cool.  B has told us for like the last 3 years, she wants a Mustang when she starts to drive (only one more year - shudder).

Here is her cake, we did that while camping, so more pic's of that latter.

And here is a random pic of the twins (instead of the animals) as the share a library book on the sofa, so cute : )

She also received a bracelet making kit and that kept her busy on our trip.  I will share a few of our camping photo's with you next time.  All in all I believe she had a happy 14th b-day! It was her idea to go camping for her day, so there you go.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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