Tuesday, February 02, 2010

A funny thing happened on the way to church today . . .

Everything happens for a reason right? Like today I was shopping for the dinner food for Wed. night church dinner, and it wasn't my week to do it. Also, the person usually does the shopping on Wed., but I didn't. Anyway, when my hubby and I swung into the church to drop it off, we discovered that the pantry was filling up with water and there was no water pressure anywhere in the church. So after much shouting (not for joy) and running around, we got the water dept. out there. Turns out there is a leak (no duh) and it's a big one (really). Then he mentioned that since it was past the meter that it was our problem (thanks). So here's the sitch: We have a large church with a walk-out basement which houses the kitchen/dinning area, and our Pastor and his wife (zoinks!). Somewhere above us is the leak, under the asphalt parking lot (of course). It will have to be dug up to find the leak. To make matters worse (could they?) while this is going on the church is unusable and Pastor has no water : ( Oh, and my hubby (who is a guy in the know) actually feels the leak is more than likely under the church porch (which is massive), yikes! Basically we need a jackhammer and a back hoe. Our church is on a tight budget, so they want to save money on this (obviously). Here's the bright idea, quote "can't we get some teenagers out there with pick axes'?". Pick axes? Seriously?

On a brighter note . . . guess who was asked to be this years VBS director? (pick me, pick me) : )

So who's with me on this exciting adventure to the great outdoors?

Look at the styling bag I get! Who said volunteer work doesn't have it's perks ! Come on, you all know you want one too; come on . . . you know you do ~ LOL

Blessings, Beth Ann

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Anonymous said...

I love you stories. You are real good with words. Are you a writer? -blessings, Kay