Thursday, February 04, 2010

Good news, sad news, baby news & anxiety attacks

Lets start with the good news, no one from our church will have to man their pick axe! The good people of our church used old fashioned ingenuity and figured out the problem. It was so simple a child could have done it, actually a child did, we think : ) Let's just say I am both embarrassed but thrilled to say it involved a garden hose and some MAJOR seepage! Pastor has dismantled and hidden the handle from the outdoor spicket and we will muster through the likely $7oo + water bill, bravely. Praise the LORD!

Next, the sad news. One of my closest friends daughter is fighting cervical cancer. It is so scary, on every front. It is so emotional, for everyone involved. It's heartbreaking, plain and simple.

Baby news! It looks like my next grand baby will be a boy and will arrive on July 12th, 2o1o. Lets all hope and pray since last time they told us right up to the second they pulled him out (and $5oo worth of pick stuff latter) that my dd was having a girl! We were all surprised : )

Don't know where to begin here. I guess at the beginning (good place huh?). About 15 months ago our home was robbed. Yesterday five homes on the street behind us were robbed. The police think it's the same guy. They claim they can't prove it yet. Best part? So not only is he out there still running around, but he lives across the street from us! I haven't slept one minute since I heard yesterday. When we were robbed, we were on vacation in S.C. and had to cut it short and come home. Oh yeah, it also happened on my big 4oth b-day. I don't have b-days anymore. Yesterday, all these folks were still home and sleeping. To scary. Does he have a weapon so he doesn't care? I know I am having anxiety attacks again. I had them right after it happened to us 15 months ago (also had them right after I had the twins, coincidence?). I can't say that I have had a good nights sleep since then. This is insane. So it's like 1:35 a.m. right now. Guess I will work on finishing up some of my knitting projects so I can start to crochet a BLUE (?) baby blanket.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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