Friday, February 12, 2010

Lost and Found

Yesterday a four day ordeal came to a happy conclusion. My middle dd has a rather large white cat, named Tina (after her older sister - go figure), and she came up missing on Monday. In the ensuing four days we looked high and low, far and wide, under things and even inside the pool (God forbid). No dice. Bless his heart, my hubby even tailed the neighbors tabby who has a thing for Tina. Nothing. Next up, dd wanted me to make posters. We kept hoping someone would contact the animal clinic about the tag she had on. Then around dusk yesterday oldest ds found her by acident. He was out in the way back of your yard, avoiding me and looking for some privecy for him and his girl, when he saw a flash of white in the RV window. Thats right and hallelujah she was alright! She must have followed ds out there the othere day and he didn't see her, then locked her in. If he hadn't seen her . . . well I shudder to think what spring would have brought come camping time! Well, all's well that ends well and PRAISE the LORD!

Blessings, Beth Ann

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