Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just checking in . . .

Haven't blogged this week, not much going on ~ sorry, NOT! LOL Been a blessedly normal week. Highlights (or not so high) were: church pastor announcing his resignation, bible study dinner at friends home, new coffee pot (is red, need I say more ~ all appliances are red :) and finding out that broke back dog DOES need to be neutered! LOL

I have been a lean, mean, knitting machine. This week I finished a small eyelash scarf for twin dd and a mohair/sequined bag (for a gift?). I am now going to do a batch of baby bibs and burp towels for oldest dd and new baby. Then maybe a baby blanket as well. So much yarn, so little time . . .

This is the scarf I did for E

It's in tones of rose, she picked the yarn herself

I soooo need a better camera. This is a ecru mohair with dark red sequence bag. Debating on if I should add a chunky gold button to the front for flair.

Here is Joe cat, not on the kitchen cupboards! LOL This is on top of the bunk beds that my good friend K blessed us with last week. They are now in middle dd room and blessing two other girls as well (they spend every week- end here and no longer have to sleep piled up like puppies).
Did get my seeds and stater plants ordered this week. Also ordered some of that shredded coconut shell mulch. Just spray with water and voila. Getting pretty excited about our garden this year, hubby even got a new pitch fork! He also fixed our compost bin (now the dogs won't eat our egg shells) and we are putting in raspberry bushes along the back fence line.
Already started my birthday and Christmas shopping (don't hate me). I have 1/3 of the twins b-day done (May 28Th) and all of middle dd b-day done (Oct. 2) as well as 1/3 of her Christmas shopping. Also picked up a Fathers day gift for hubby (we will be camping). See, a ho-hum week. But I like those too!
Blessings, Beth Ann

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