Saturday, February 13, 2010

Menu's 2/13 ~ 2/19

Happy early V~day everyone! We really don't do much here to celebrate this man-made holiday. Although my DH is a hopeless romantic and would love to shower me with flowers, candy and jewelry. They say opposites attract, it must me so. My calmer head for reason reigns. I tell him flowers die, candy is not lo-carb and I am not interested in more jewelry as it will just get stolen again. OK, so I beat him down, but someone has to stay focused : ) We do let the kids make paper hearts (excellent for motor skills) and we usually bake a heart shaped cake or cookies as a little treat (might skip that this year). I just can't see spending the hard earned grocery money on candy not in our tight budget. Even if the candy was $1 a small individual box, I have four kids, so lets just say with tax that kills a $5. That is how much I spend on dinner each night and I just can't justify the empty calories and all that processed chemical food - YUCK. I am sure I will find a great sub, like heart shaped whole grain pancakes or something : )

Here is a look at our Lo-carb/Leptin dinner menu for this week:

Saturday: Cheesy steak and onions w/broccoli

Sunday: Happy V-day/Chinese New Year! Home made egg rolls w/rice and pineapple (fresh - on sale)

Monday: Jambalaya (made with leftover rice)

Tuesday: Baked chicken w/ cauliflower and turnip gratin

Wednesday: Church (just bible study) Big 'ole pot of chili

Thursday: Sweet n' sour chicken and green beans

Friday: Southwest stuffed peppers w/ rice

Yes I know, it's silly not to celebrate v-day but go ahead and do Chinese New Year. What can I say, I make a killer egg roll. I only indulge in these once a year, and this is my excuse! LOL

Blessings, Beth Ann

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