Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bed time for twins

A couple days ago I finely convinced hubby (his day off) that today was a good day to get the bunk beds ,we had bought the twins two months ago, out of the garage and upstairs in the nursery. However, before that could happen they had to be assembled (of course). I decided to not feel guilty about taking an afternoon of school off to do this. I chose to look at it as valuable learning tool for my youngest three children ( oldest son was at work). After all, am I the only one who remembers doing the electives class shuffle at school? We all got a turn at wood shop, home ec. and music to name a few. So here is a brief look at their afternoon as they learned to: listen, follow directions, take turns, work together, learn about tools and there uses, math, reading directions, patience, doing for others, work ethic,and more. So I let dad be the teacher and I took these pics . . .

B not having an easy time working the screw driver

Dad with his little helper, E loves power tools : )

Now B has the hang of it, and a helper too.

Dad putting the finishing touches on.

Twin son E, he is happy to be the first to try out the top!

The girls are exhausted, but happy ( so are twin sons toes on the ladder) : )

And here is what the dogs were doing while the rest of us toiled (other dog went to work with son and who knows where the cats got to).

So it's a done deal, my babies are now officially in reg. beds. That night as I lay in bed and mulled it over, the passing of time, it was a bit sad. I guess I could write an entire blog on feeling old, watching the kids grow, being worried that I can't remember all the stuff they did as babies . . . But I am choosing to move forward and just try to live each day for it's own joy and remember at night when I go to bed, to give all the glory to God.

Blessings, Beth Ann

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