Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Another warm and sunny day in middle TN. After I did home school with the twins in the a.m., I spent the rest of the morning gardening while hubby fixed the washing machine (drat). Here are some pic's to share with you:

This is the outdoor candle/wind chime thingy hubby bought me. I think I am going to buy some of those flame less tea candles to use in them so they won't be a fire hazard to our home : )

Here is one of the two apple trees I splurged on this year, already flowering!

I got my seed starters going today: first off are all my squash and gourds. Next batch will be pumpkins.

One of my few remaining azaleas, in bloom.

This lilac bush is in front of my living room window. I planted it 5 years ago when it was a small stick. I love watching things grow . . . must be why I have so many children : )

Here is one of the two cherry tree's we had planted about 3 years ago, to replace some dead maples in our front yard. This is the first year they have flowered.

Here is a long shot of the azalea bush. Those plants behind it are more lilac bushes we planted two years ago, they were a gift from a friend.

One more look at my largest lilac bush and my front porch : )
Blessings, Beth Ann

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