Wednesday, April 07, 2010


Just a middle of the week check in. Z is having a bad day today. Poor kid. He only works 3 1/2 days a week, but that is all he can handle. He spends all his time home recovering from working, it's a vicious circle. Twin dd isn't feeling well either, cold I think. Hard to tell with everything blooming and all the vehicles covered in yellow pollen.

Well we went to put a bid on the farm, and someone already beat us to it. Now we are waiting to see if their contract is accepted or not, could be a few days. Will keep you posted.

Not much else happening. DH had to replace my starter last night, in my Durango. So that is delaying our starter plants one more day, but I did remember to pick up the potting soil! Now if I could remember to mix the mulch up . . . I am going with dried coconut shell this year, and has to be moistened in a 5 gallon (comes in compressed bricks) bucket and then spread. I also picked up some seaweed fertilizer as well. So hoping for good things this year. Now wondering if I have room to add some butter lettuce and sweet potatoes?

Here is a random pet pic to keep you entertained:

This is Zoey, she is Z's dog and this is how she sleeps all the time, well maybe not with twin ds blanket, but you get the idea. She snoars like a bulldozer too!

See, even Howard (mini doxin) can't believe how she is sleeping!
Blessings, Beth Ann

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