Friday, April 16, 2010

Knits & Bits

TGIF all : ) Another sunny day in the upper 80's here in middle TN. A little rain for the garden would be good, but not worried yet.
Just thought I would pop in with a couple updates. Yesterday I drove with big son, might not ever happen again! My shoulder is bruised from my seat belt and all his sudden 'stops' ~ ugh. The kid needs practice. I am so glad the number of required driving hours increased before teenagers get their licences.

I am also currently trying to talk big son into trying the chiropractor and or acupuncture for his Fibro. The meds. the neurologist gave him are not helping and he still has a couple weeks before his next appt. I have read that acupuncture has had good results in Fibro people. I just get so concerned for Z. He worked Mon. and Tue. and was sooooooo sick Wed. (this is typical). He was so weak that he had a hard time getting out of bed and walking. At one point his feet shot out from under him and he fell and hit his head. He said that didn't help his 15 month migraine one bit! : P

I finished yet another knitted scarf, part of my stock pile for selling at craft shows/fairs. I am hoping to have quiet a little stash by the time all the Christmas shows start. I thought this was like a rock start scarf, the older kids said it reminded them of Halloween because of the colors I chose.

It has a two tone rust color and black fringe

Can you see the metallic shimmer?

Text Color
Next I am finishing up a Christmas bib for the new baby and starting some wrist warmers (the new rage) knitted in the round on 4 double pointed needles. It is dicey to say the least, hope I get use to it. I picked up a cool free pattern at Hobby Lobby today, for knitted camo cargo pants. They had Bre written all over them. They will make great jammy pants : )
Blessings, Beth Ann

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