Thursday, April 29, 2010

Knit n' that

Been a busy week, I can hardly believe it's almost over. I swear, where does time go! LOL Now I sound like every other old person. Must be showing my age : ) A busy week-end ahead too, don't think I will be home much. We are leaving a week from today for our first camping trip of the season. I am so excited I could pee my pants! I might just get a chance to sit and stitch, for then 10 minute intervals! I also don't think DH gets a day off until then either, guess he's looking forward to it as well : ) Only downer is that Z can't join us the first two nights, he has to work. He always leaves things until the last minuet and didn't ask for the time and someone else will already be gone. So DH will have to drive back down and pick him up Sat afternoon (half day of work for him) and pick him up, so he can at least spend Mother's day with me. The only up here is that he will be home to take care of the pet's and won't have to kennel them (down side to having handicapped pets = no one wants to pet sit) and will save money. Oh and guess what I am getting for Mothers Day? A hot water tank for the RV. Yeah, ours cracked and it cost hubby $100 to get it repaired. I guess it's fair since I said I wanted to camp for mother's day and I am like the main person to use the RV bathroom : )

Well I found a will model for my wrist warmers, twin dd E ~

They fit her good, I think I will use bigger needles to make adult sizes

These are pretty easy to make, just tedious knitting in the round the whole time

I think I will try these in some of my novelty yarn, then they will be fashion statements and not just useful!

Here is another random pet pic to amuse you

Tina, B's cat, sleeping in an early morning patch of sun on the pool deck steps
Blessings, Beth Ann

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