Saturday, May 01, 2010

In the kitchen

A rainy, stormy Saturday here in middle TN. I am not thinking I will get to all the plans I had today, especially the out door lunch at the Feed Store : ) But in case I make it to the Home School movie preview this evening, I need something for kids to eat while I'm gone. So that means getting to all the cooking I put off while it was sunny : )

A friend blessed me with two whole chickens a few weeks back, when oldest son had a relapse. She didn't have time to make chicken soup, so she just brought the chickens! LOL It's the thought right? : ) Anyway, as she likes to say; I'm more creative in the kitchen then her. So I cleaned them this morning and plopped them in my crock pot. By wadding up foil and putting them under the birds, it steams the meat and gives them a 'rotisserie type flavor. I spritz the chicken with my cool new olive oil sprayer and sprinkle liberly with Kroger's version of Mrs. Dash - zesty, for flavor and browning.

We can either carve the birds for dinner or pull the meat off the bones to eat shredded. Either way, I will keep the carcases and make broth in my crock pot tomorrow : )
A different friend gifted me with a half case of limes. I am truly blessed down here! So after getting the chix's going, I decided to get my juicer going and make some lemon/lime aide for the kids to drink while I'm gone.

Aren't they a thing of beauty? LOL Twin dd even helped me ream them. That is after she finished pretending to change the oil in my Durango! She is truly a daddy's girl. She helped DH yesterday fix the hot water tank in the RV, so we will be ready to camp next week. She loves helping, kitchen or garage : )
So . . . still not sure what my plans are, but I'm ready!
Blessings, Beth Ann

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Bobbie said...

It has been raining/stormy/muggy here all weekend too (south la). Looks like you are making good use of your time with the crockpots going.I put the foil under the whole chickens in the Crock too!