Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More pic's of the found film and more : )

OK, I have been trying to down load these pictures all day (in between dentist appointments and arguing with insurance companies)! For some reason this computer does not like photo disc's, just my digi camera, grrrrrrr. Anyway, here are some more random photo's from that film I picked up last week.

I down loaded this twice and it still is sideways. I have no idea why since it is right side up in my photo que, weird. Just turn your head a little and squint, it's a wonderful pic of the twins on Easter Sunday : )

Here is a pic of last years wienie roast at Defeated Creek. B seems to be giving her hot dogs the 'stink eye', while Z is playing in the fire (as usual).

Here are our two coffee mug purchases from South Carolina last Oct. The blue one on the left is mine and is a replacement of one twin dd broke last year. The one on the right is for DH, a Piggly Wiggly mug. It is the only grocery store on the Island. You can get everything from flip-flops, crab bait and caviar there!

Siesta time for two of our dogs, Howard and Levi. All three dogs get along well, but only Zoey (not pictured) can walk unhindered. Guess that is why she is not here?

Ah, finely. A pic from my digi camera. This is a recent F/O (finished object), a plastic bag holder. I used some self stripping mohair for this and improvised a pattern I found on the net. I think I will make more of these for gifts, watch out! LOL
Blessings, Beth Ann

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