Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Never to late

Wow, another day near 90 here! It's so pretty it almost makes me forget how bad the storms were and how many were killed or injured. I can't believe the Operyland hotel is gone and so is Operymills : (

Tomorrow we are leaving for a mini vacation to Defeated Creek, up in Carthage. Love that place! Funny though, I just picked up the pictures from last year up there! LOL

Here is big son and twin dd fishing

Here are the twins sitting on the bank fishing. They are so excited to be going back, that they have been packed for two days now : )

Here is hubby cooking dinner, you can see how close we camped to the lake : )

Here is B, don't know why she is staring at her hot dogs like that! LOL We had a wienie roast.

Here is hubby showing B how to cast off ( I only cast on - knitting humor) See how gorgeous the scenery is?
I received my yarn package in the mail today as well. When we get back I will post some yarn and project updates as well as some more vacation pic's : p
Blessings, Beth Ann

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