Thursday, May 13, 2010

Last of the lost pictures . . .

OK, I have finished picking through the old pic's I just got developed and found the last five worthy to share : ) I know these are random and out of order, but that's half the fun of it!

Here are the first two scarves I knitted, back last Oct. Heck, they're the first anything I ever knitted! LOL I just love eyelash yarn.

I picked this three tier tree holder up at the flea market, one dollar! It worked great for holding all my Christmas goodies, and rested on my nativity cross-stitched table runner beautifully.

Here my youngest three are making Christmas cookies (taken before my new cool red coffee maker).

This is a pic of a Christmas wreath I made out of leftover bulbs from a tree. Hard to see, but there is a silver snowflake w/bells in the center. I am so crafty :)

Last year we said 'good-bye' to beaded garlands. OK, more like I was threatened with a mutiny. So we tried something different, ribbon. I still have mixed feelings on this. You can't tell but the ribbon is plaid, of course. You can always tell where I have been, plaid is left in my wake . . .
Thanks for enduring this ride down memory lane.
Blessings, Beth Ann

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