Saturday, May 29, 2010

Twin's b-day

Yesterday was the twins 6Th. birthday. Where does the time go? I played the typical birthday mom game,"where was I this time 6 years ago?". So I remembered the surprise of discovering I was having two babies and how hard the pregnancy was. I recalled the bed rest, that wasn't restful at all! And then the emergency c-section 5 weeks early, followed by a couple weeks in the NICU. The end result is these two wonderful, beautiful, joyful blessings! I wouldn't change a thing ;)

Even though the day was overcast, we still had a pool party over at our friends home. The kids all love to swim, and the twins are getting pretty brave now that their toes touch the bottom ~ sometimes - LOL

Our friends gave the twins a ton of outdoor/pool items. They are pretty excited here with new pool noodles, considering that one of them chewed up the old ones at our friends pool!

The local Movie Gallery went out of business, and we used that as an opportunity to purchase some gifts. Here E is getting his most favorite movie, Wall-E, again. He has gotten this movie on two other occasions, but some how just keeps losing it! We have no idea. But buying a used copy took the sting out a bit.

Here E is holding up the pre=loved movie she received,"Cloudy with a chance of meatballs". Not only does she love this movie, but she adores the book as well. Every time we go to the library she checks it out, we're on our way there in a few minutes, and we will be returning it so she can get it again next time : )

Ah, the birthday cake shot. What can I say? It was dark, the candles glared. We had home made yellow cake with low sugar chocolate frosting and two, yest count them, two types of ice cream. I just smile thinking about it : )
It was a great day, with great kids and great friends.
Blessings, Beth Ann

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