Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Camping photo's

My request for Mother's Day was to go camping, and so we went. We headed north east past Carthage to Defeated Creek, which is a core of engineers park on Cordell Dam. We LOVE this place. The only let down was that oldest son couldn't get away from work to go. When I dropped off his lunch today at work, I made sure there was a note inside with next months camping dates on it : ) Here is a brief look (more pic's to come in near future) at our trip:

We went with our good friend and also a home school mom, L A

This is H, daughter of another good friend, whom we took with us. She is not home school. Shhhhhhh, don't tell the public school cops : ) She is roasting a hot dogs with my DH

Here is twin son all ready to hit the swimming hole

Remember those 'If you give a mouse . . .' books? Well here is our version; "If you want to go swimming . . . " First you will need an inflatable . . . LOL

Here is twin dd with L A's dd - S, they are laying on one inflatable while waiting for another. Man I miss being a kid : )
It was so much fun I can hardly wait to go back! We have four more trips this summer (pray the fish are biting next time) here in TN. and our big trip to South Carolina next March. We usually do SC in Oct. but it didn't work out for us this year. But hey, March is only ten months away!
Blessings, Beth Ann

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