Monday, May 31, 2010

Warm Memorial Day Blessings

Hope all are enjoying family time on this day of remembrance as well as fellowship and blessings. I really enjoyed hearing the history behind this day, yesterday at church and learning where the birthplace was and how it was chosen by President Johnson.
Today I enjoyed doing some more prep and home made food stock piling. Among other things I made dairy free cheese! I will share this with photos soon. I do want to share my home made coffee creamer today. I made a fresh batch just in time for a friend to stop by and need an ear. We both love coffee creamer, but I just couldn't keep buying it after reading the ingredient label. So I looked around and adapted a recipe for my own use:
Orange - mocha coffee creamer
2 cups organic half n' half
1 cup organic sugar (or equivalent your choice sweetener)
1/3 cup organic coco powder
1 TBS. pure orange extract
Combine first 3 ingredients in small sauce pan and heat, stirring constantly to make smooth. Once mixture is smooth, remove from heat and add extract. Stir well. Let cool and store in fridge. Shake well before using in coffee.
NOTE: If this is to thick, you may thin it out with some organic milk.
VARIATIONS: Sub peppermint extract for the orange, for a great winter treat! You may also try hazelnut flavoring or any other combo's of your choice. Be creative and make it your own!
Blessings, Beth Ann

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