Sunday, April 25, 2010

Menu Plan Monday ~ Leptin update

Good Monday morning all. We had a stormy week-end, but now a new day is upon us. I kicked off last week by going in and having lab work run for my 6 month med. review. I ended the week with a stellar lab report! I wish I had one of those photographic minds, so as to share all the numbers with you, but alas I don't. So here is the good news from doc. appt. in a nut shell. I have been following a leptin/lo-carb diet since the middle of Nov. 2009. I had a doc. appt. in Dec. of '09 that showed some good news, but this last one was the kicker. Since Dec. I have lost 43 lbs (woo- woo!) and cut my triglyceride level in half! I now have good cholesterol : ) I must confess that trying to come up with something my chronically ill son can eat and watching Michael Pollan's Food, INC. has helped keep me motivated! At my house we are at the point that I make everything from scratch, and I mean everything! I make my own coffee creamer, my own BBQ sauce, use only spelt flour in any baking (muffins, pancakes, etc.), well you get the point. The kid can't eat anything and I WON'T eat just anything now that I know what is in processed food and how the animals are treated and processed. So . . . with that said, here is a look at this weeks leptin/low-carb menu for our home:
Monday: Turkey meatloaf w/broccoli
Tuesday: Zucchini pancakes w/grilled chicken
Wednesday: Bacon and Salmon casserole w/green beans (didn't make last week)
Thursday: Beef stroganoff (no noodles, make cauli-rice)w/Brussels sprouts
Friday: Crock pot chicken w/mixed veggies
Saturday: Salmon seashell pasta salad (use brown rice pasta) on Boston lettuce
Sunday: Stuffed peppers (red, yellow or orange - son can't eat green)
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Whats for dinner at your home this week?
Blessings, Beth Ann

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