Monday, April 05, 2010

Monday after

Happy day after Easter, hope all is well. We had a great Resurrection Sunday here in middle TN. It was sunny and in the 80's, might be time to get the air conditioners out : ) We went to church up in Triune (up by Nashville) to hear our friend preach the sermon and stayed for the fellowship lunch afterwords. On our way home we got off the expressway and headed south to take the kids to look at a property that DH and I had found. We have been looking for some acerage off and on for the past couple years, and this one might be it. It's a five acre farm with a big house built in 1920 (I LOVE older houses), two fenced in pastures, chicken house and large animal stalls, and a small pond in one of the pastures. There is a garage, Florida room and huge machine shop on the property as well as an almost new mobile home. I will see if I can get a link downloaded here soon. We need to sell this place in order to buy that one, so keep us in your prayers. Any way, we came home and spent the early evening pulling weeds in the flower beds (expecting my starter plants delivered today)and mowing the grass with our rotary mower (the kids aren't feeling it yet). Then I got some calls from family, my mom and oldest dd (who is feeling very pregnant). We topped it off with watching the movie 'Astroboy'. Was even able to sleep with windows open last night. What more could one ask for?
Last Friday (DH had a 3 day week-end) we took our four kids and two of their friends to the drive-in for their opening night. It was sooooo packed, line out to the street and past the Sheriff Dept. Saw many folks we knew and the food was good. We stayed for the double feature (get out 50 bucks worth) and didn't get home to almost midnight. Both movies were based on books, blessedly I had read neither : ) "How to train your dragon" was an animated film and very good. The twins loved it and can't stop talking about it (either can DH). The second feature, "Percy Jackson and the lightening thief" was a typical teen movie where they save the day. Oldest son had read that book and couldn't stop talking about it, to tell me all the major differences - LOL Anyway, I would recommend both movies and the drive - in as well, great way to spend some family time : )
Blessings, Beth Ann

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