Sunday, November 30, 2008

First Advent Sunday

We all made it to church today for the first advent Sunday of the season. Well all of us, minus my DH who gets home from his second job at 8 a.m. The day before he had only two hours between jobs! He was bushed. When we returned home he was sleeping so deeply I feared he had passed away! It is so amazing that God is with him as he has been given this opportunity to take care of his family. Just when we didn't think we could hang on any more . . . this second job turned up. It is less than his "real job", but since they are not taking out for insurance and dependents it is almost the same. It is a sad statement to this economy when a full time job only pays the same as a part time job. So my DH is having to work two full time jobs to equal enough to meet our monthly needs. Before you all start emailing me, I am not complaining - I am grateful for his jobs. And no, we are not in debt. We have absolutely no credit card debt, and no mortgage; just a home equity loan equal to about 1/4 of most peoples mortgages. It is just that the rising cost of fuel, utilities and food for a family of six is almost impossible. I pray nightly for this land, our leaders and our people.
This was the first week no one in my house had the "crud" and I could actually talk! Sad to say our song leader seems to have gotten it, sorry A. The picture above is the Nativity at our church, picture doesn't do it justice. The star is beautiful! The message for Advent was "I have you in my heart", Philippians 1:2-11. I encourage you to look these few verses up sometime this week and get your heart in the spirit of this season.
Blessings, Beth Ann


Anonymous said...

I've always wondered this, and I'm finally going to ask. Is it just me or are your pictures blurry? ha ha Maybe it's just me! I probably need glasses or something. I can barely make out the nativity, and I wanted to see it! Stink!! :(

Danielsen5 said...

It's you! HA! LOL No, sometimes I try to make them bigger/clearer, guess it's not working. Sorry, will try something else.

Blessings, Beth Ann