Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Greetings all, yet another beautiful day in the mid 70's!!! Just love, love, love it here. Yesterday between all the company I had, the phone ringing off the hook and not getting my lunch until 3:30; I got absolutely nothing done . . . and I loved it! My first response was to be frustrated, but then I realized how blessed I was. Back in my old life I would never have had so many wonderful interruptions, which equal people who care about me and my family. Most were from our church, that is where the majority of our friends come from. Like minded people tend to hang out together - LOL People were even calling for me while I was in the shower yesterday, thought only my kids bugged me in there (smile). We now have a new pastor after a 16 month search. I am trying very hard not to have to many expectations for him and his wife, but it's hard. I feel like our church was in limbo and now has been set free. I am real impressed with the wife. In just two short weeks she has already treated me far warmer and made me feel more wanted in our church than her predecessors.
I also want to mention briefly a group of ladies who have taken pity on me and whom I have come to count on. I still have a hard time being in our house at night alone. I have called these ladies and they have done what they can (read baby sit me here - LOL). They never make me feel silly or like it's an imposition for them. They people in our church are some of the best people I have ever met and would encourage everyone to come meet them. Otherwise I might have to brag on them some more!
And as a special caper to my night last night, I attended my first book club meeting at our local library. It was fun and again I was made to feel welcome and part of the group. I have know a few of the ladies who work their, but kept putting off going. My kids hang out there 24/7 , so I am known as Z and B's mom - LOL Well they finely picked a book that I absolutely ardor and have read like 11 times, so I decided to treat myself to a cappachino and a mom's night out. So glad I did it. Not only was it good for my moral, but it is nice to be reminded how great this small town is and how welcoming it is to "strangers" (Yankees - smile) Again, wouldn't happen in my home town, in my old life. I am so glad God picked this spot for me and my family. It is the perfect place to raise the kids with the compassion, morals and opportunities a stones through a way, that every child should have. Yes, I live in the bible belt, heck, we're on the buckle! There is litterly a church on every corner, and I'm proud of it!
This week I am grateful for my church and my community. For more Gratituesday please visit www.heavenlyhomemakers.com
Blessings, Beth Ann

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Laura said...

Sounds like you are being well taken care of by your church family. I don't know what I would do without my Christian sisters.