Saturday, November 08, 2008

Yet more vacation pictures

Here is just a few more pics from our South Carolina trip. Hope you all don't mind being nickled and dimed, just seems to work out that way.

Here is a snowy white egret in the salt marsh. The parts of the island that aren't ocean front, are backed by the salt marshes.

Here are my youngest two dd's on their bikes, riding around the park. Here they are at one of the ocean/beach accesses - good breeze (smile)

Here is my youngest ds with an even better example of the breeze - LOL

Here are my two sons in the RV, playing video games. That is what camping is all about, doing things you don't get the chance to do at home (rolling eyes here).
Will post more as the week progresses and time allows. Want to remind friends, family and stumblers to sign up to "follow this blog". Love seeing who is keeping up with us on our adventures.
Blessings, Beth Ann

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