Sunday, November 16, 2008


And double nuts, I'm still sick! Last week I was sick, as of last night . . . sick as a dog. Been a week, when will it shake? Went from sinus crud to sinus infection, soar thought, cough, leaky eyes and fluid in ears. Grrrrr.

After getting home from shopping with bff, thought I might pass out. Last leg of journey was just mandatory shopping for food. I just wanted to be home in bed. Did have fun in the morning though, just the longer the day went on, the sicker I got. We checked out the new Trader Joe's in Nashville, what a disappointment. After hearing about the one in Seattle (where DH is from) and reading the raves on various blogs about their wonderful offerings, guess I expected more. It had a tiny, hard to maneuver parking lot and a crowded store with limited choices. I much more prefer Wild Oats/Whole Foods. Guess bff has spoiled me - LOL We did go to Whole foods too, so a great outing. Trader Joe's did have some good looking produce and I scored a nice package of white,red and gold pearl onions, enough for about two recipes. Think I will makes some creamed onions and some thyme glazed onions and carrots. Kind of wishing I had also bought my turkey there, but hind sight is 20/20. They had a good deal on antibiotic free, brine young turkeys. Sigh, wish it wasn't so far (about an hour). Hey Lois, want to grab me a turkey and head over here for some so-so coffee? LOL I can't really afford the "good" coffee, let alone that turkey, but still . . . Just think about it Lois, OK? :)

Speaking about prices. After stumbling on those two sites I mentioned last week, and , I have been doing some serious thinking and reconfiguring. I know I can't do $5 dinners, but around $7 seems good for our family of 6 (two adults, two teens and two 4 year olds). I am also trying to use my crocks more. Today I dragged my sick butt out of bed, told everyone I was not going to church as I could barley speak and went to start my crock and bread machine. I figured if I died or passed out before dinner at least I would be covered with a meal. When I am sick I seem to have no energy left by 3 or 4, let alone be able to whip up a great meal. So I started a loaf of bread - only 69 cents- and a pot of sirloin chili - $4.24- add some veggie sticks - 15 cents - and some home made ranch dip - 30 cents- for a full dinner at a total cost of $5.38! I know! Better than I even guessed. I had estimated the chili at $6 and with the sides a dinner total of around $7, when planning this on paper. So I am now thinking of starting a food journal and a dinner journal. The food journal, so I can better keep track of how healthy I am eating (want to make a better effort on this. Maybe now that DH has two jobs we can afford some better quality food) and the dinner journal so that I can keep a running account of not only what I spend on one meal but also per an item. I don't know about you, but the food prices here seem to jump about every two weeks. Not just food either, don't get me started on toilet paper and garbage bags!

Anyway, on my last stop yesterday I picked up some nuts, no not my friends - LOL, the lose kind. There was a post on this a couple months ago over at and how we all seem to have a nut tradition around the holidays. So it seems to be that time of year again. I thought I would post the picture up at the top before all my nuts were gone. With in ten minutes of these being unpacked, put in a bowl and put on the sideboard, the kids started decimating it! They acted like they hadn't seen a nut in like nine months! That is pretty much all they had for dinner, which is good since I went to bed and huddled under a Grandpa Bob quilt and all DH cooked was some boxed mac. & cheese!

So share your nut stories here and let me know if you think the food/dinner journals would be a good idea.

Blessings, Beth Ann (this blog has been disinfected with Lysol for your protection)


Anonymous said...

I'm car-less and in Manchester for a while. Just renewed our camping spot for a month. Cuts hubby's commute.


MMMMMM! Nuts! Need to get me some!

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope you feel better soon!!! I was sick recently myself. Not fun! Took tons of Vitamin C, and I'm back to normal thank the Lord.